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Videography Services

We offer a complete range of videography services for businesses and organizations. From one videographer all the way up to a full crew, we offer a variety of options. Whatever kind of crew you need, we can accomodate.

We offer Canon EOS Cinema Cameras that  film in resolutions from 1920x1080 HD up to 4096x2160 4K resolution. They are known for exceptional sharpness, accurate skin tones, and enhanced details in the shadows and highlights. For certain types of videography, we recommend filming in 4K or 5K with our cinema camera collection. We offer both the RED Scarlet Dragon and the Canon 1DX MarkII as other camera options.

Please note, all crews film together, during the same hours. All filming is continuous, however, standby hours are available for a rate of $50 per hour. There is no fee for setup and breakdown time.

2-Man Crew

2 Active Videographers
  • Three hour minimum.
  • Videography Kits include two or three 4K video cameras, 2 lav microphone kits, a boom mic, and Kino Flo Celeb 200 Light. Additional equipment is available, see menu below.
  • Great for live event coverage, presentations, and interviews.
  • Get creative B-Roll from multiple angles.

  • 2 videographers will coordinate simultaneous filming and expanded coverage.

  • The second camera option will enhance your video coverage by adding an additional camera angle. Record simultaneously and the footage is synced up later in post production for more advanced editing options.
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3-Man Crew

3 Active Videographers
  • Three hour minimum.
  • Great for live event coverage with multiple camera angles, keynote speeches, town hall events and interviews.
  • Videography Kits include three 4K video camera, 2 lav microphone kits, a boom mic, and Kino Flo Celeb 200 Light. Additional equipment is available, see menu below.
  • Get creative B-Roll from multiple angles.
  • 3 videographers will coordinate simultaneous filming and expanded coverage.
  • The third camera option will provide maximum video coverage by adding two additional camera angles. Record simultaneously, the footage can be synced up later in post production for the most advanced editing options.
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Add Equipment Options

Upgrade your videography with additional audio and lighting equipment. Prices for equpment are per day.

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Design Your Own Package

We aim to provide quality videography services that are easy to understand. Our basic services are an attempt to cover most client’s needs, however, you may wish to add even more services or equipment options. Choose from the options below to design your perfect videography package. Additional videographers, extra filming time, drone operators are available. 4K and 5K cameras are also available. If the location where you need filming is outside of San Diego, please contact Stephen about travel arrangements.

Wireless Audio

Lavalier Microphones
$49/Unit, Per Day
  • Wireless audio mics, AKA lapel mics are available for any job. We use Sennheiser Lavalier Microphones, order up to three units. The audio is recorded directly into the cameras so it is recorded with the video footage.

Audio Recorder

Professional Field Recorder
  • Separate audio recorders are perfect for live events where sound is mixed through a mixing board (A/V system). The audio is recorded directly from the mixing board into the recorder and is later synced with the video footage.

LED Light

Kino Flo Celeb 200
$99/Unit, Per Day
  • LED lights from Kino Flo are ultra professional lights that are perfect for interviews and presentations. Best used within 6′ to 12′ radius. Order one light per videographer, or hire a grip to handle up to three lights.

Gimbal Stabilizer

Helix 3 Axis Camera Stabilizer
  • The stabilizer allows sweeping camera movements and extremely steady shots. Any camera can be setup on the Helix. It is best used to capture B-Roll and additional visuals that support interviews, presentations, or narration.

Additional Crew Options

Upgrade your crew! We offer additional videographers, grips, gaffers, boom operators, and production assistants. Prices below are per hour.

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Production Assistant

General Duties
  • A Production Assistant, or PA, is available to handle minor duties and tasks as needed. They are very helpful in assisting both clients and crew.


Lighting and Rigging Assistant
  • A grip is essential when setting up lighting and managing equipment. They also provide a variety of special rigging, securing and safety measures on set.

Boom Operator

Sound / Audio Mixer
  • A boom operator (“boom op”) will be dedicated to capturing your sound with a Sennheiser 416 shotgun microphone. The audio is recorded separately and can be later synced up in post production. The boom op monitors the audio levels during filming to ensure high quality sound recording.

Drone Operator

Aerial Videography
  • Drone Operators are available for aerial cinematography. 1 to 3 hours of coverage is usually enough to get you that bird’s eye view! All pricing is per hour and footage can be shot in HD or 4K.

Maximum Quality

Looking for RED Digital Cinema for narrative or commercial work? Or you may be looking for a hybrid photo / video operator? Choose the RED Dragon 5K Cinema Camera or the Canon 1DX MarkII 4K DSLR camera option.
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RED Cinema Camera

5K RED Scarlet Dragon
Free Upgrade
  • The RED camera captures over 9x more resolution than HD. Unrivaled detail and impressive native exposure are it’s key characteristics. It has industry leading specs that distinguish the SCARLET DRAGON™ as an innovative camera that pushes boundaries. Please note, this camera loves scenes with a lot of light, so it is recommended for dramatic scenes, narrative work, and commercial setups with a lot of light.

Canon 1DX MarkII

Free Upgrade
  • Rich colors, beautiful skin tones, and high resolution. Great for hybrid stills + video jobs. The sensor and processor combination allow for DCI 4K video recording at 24 fps, 30 fps and 60 fps as well as Full HD 1080p recording at 120 fps. The slow motion capabilities are incredible and this camera can practically see in the dark! It is recommended for any type of videography or photography job, including low-light scenarios.

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