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Videography Services

We offer a complete range of videography services for businesses and organizations. From one videographer all the way up to a full crew, we offer a variety of options. Whatever kind of crew you need, we can accomodate.

We offer Canon EOS Cinema Cameras that  film in resolutions from 1920x1080 HD up to 4096x2160 4K resolution. They are known for exceptional sharpness, accurate skin tones, and enhanced details in the shadows and highlights. For certain types of videography, we recommend filming in 4K or 5K with our cinema camera collection. We offer both the RED Scarlet Dragon and the Canon 1DX MarkII as other camera options.

Please note, all crews film together, during the same hours. All filming is continuous, however, standby hours are available for a rate of $50 per hour. There is no fee for setup and breakdown time.

Add Equipment Options

Upgrade your videography with additional audio and lighting equipment. Prices for equpment are per day.

Design Your Own Package

We aim to provide quality videography services that are easy to understand. Our basic services are an attempt to cover most client’s needs, however, you may wish to add even more services or equipment options. Choose from the options below to design your perfect videography package. Additional videographers, extra filming time, drone operators are available. 4K and 5K cameras are also available. If the location where you need filming is outside of San Diego, please contact Stephen about travel arrangements.

Additional Crew Options

Upgrade your crew! We offer additional videographers, grips, gaffers, boom operators, and production assistants. Prices below are per hour.

Maximum Quality

Looking for RED Digital Cinema for narrative or commercial work? Or you may be looking for a hybrid photo / video operator? Choose the RED Dragon 5K Cinema Camera or the Canon 1DX MarkII 4K DSLR camera option.

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